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May 18, 2010 update: Arrrgyle is doing great and has gained 35 pounds.

Arrrgyle is a fourteen month old mantle boy with natural ears. He was kept in the back seat of his owners' car for over a week and a half. Before that he must have been confined to a small crate since he has advanced arthritis in his spine. He also has bladder stones and pano in his left femur. He is terribly emaciated. He only weighs 85 lbs. He cannot walk on his left rear leg. All the muscles in his right rear leg are atrophied due to confinement. He is extremely sweet and wags his tail even when he is drinking water. He had thousands of fleas on him when the owner dropped him off. We sprayed him with flea spray many times and I have never seen that many fleas on a dog! He will need a lot of rehab and TLC over the next several months.

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Last Update:  May 18, 2010