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Barney is a 2 yr old Harlequin with cropped ears.  He is quite petite.  He is what we would call apartment size! He looks exactly like his bigger counterparts, but looks like he was washed in hot water and shrunken!  He gets along with other dogs and cats.  He is quiet and very nice to live with.  His owners had a baby and had to place him.

January 8, 2009 Update:
Barney is such a CUDDLE MONSTER!  He LOVES people!  

He is very food motivated and has learned to sit/wait until ok before eating at meal times.  He is crate trained and will go in his crate on his own to relax if I am cooking or doing something where he can't be right next to me.

Barney has just started playing with a soccer ball--he likes to chase it and try to hold it with his front paws.  This is the only toy (other than a kong stuffed with food) he has shown interest in.  He is not a chewer.  

He does not enjoy playing with other dogs--he prefers the company of people!  He tolerates my Dane & 25lb mutt but would probably do best as an only dog. He loves trips in the car and walks well with minor pulling on leash.  He is about 27in at the shoulders (can easily walk under the kitchen table!) and about 100lbs.  Very muscular stature, tends to have a "serious face" but wags his tail and wiggles upon hearing his name.  Super sweet boy!!!!!

-Barney's foster mom

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Last Update:  January 9, 2009