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September 26, 2011

Buddy is looking for a new family to love!

Buddy is a young adult neutered Great Dane/Cane Corso mix, approximately 2 years old. He is a big boy at 120lbs, and still in need of putting on just a bit more weight, which should be no problem since he has a very good appetite.

Buddy is very affectionate, great attitude (tail is always wagging), and well behaved. He walks well on a leash and sits on command. He does not have a high energy level and seems to just want to be someone's best friend.

Has shown no animosity towards other dogs. Not sure about cats but seems to have little prey drive.
He would make a very loyal companion to any family and is to be an inside dog, not a yard dog.
Adopters are required to complete an application, home visit, and provide vet and personal references.

Please do not contact Great Dane Rescue of Tampa Bay about Buddy--contact Diane Connors.
Mar E Sol Cane Corso Italiano


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