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Jenna, along with six newborn puppies and the father, were brought in and surrendered to Citrus County Animal control. The person who brought her in advised that they had already lost three puppies. One more puppy died almost immediately after arriving. Citrus County Animal control called us the next day. By the time we arrived two more had perished we think she may have accidentally lain on these due to the open, noisy, environment at the shelter.

Jenna is basically a puppy herself, she is not yet a year old. She's an excellent mother and has plenty of milk now that she is getting enough to eat and we have not lost any puppies since she arrived into rescue. Poor thing was so skinny that the animal control people could not even microchip her as is their custom. She was literally skin and bones. It would be impossible for her to have fed all nine of the puppies she originally delivered. Here is a before picture taken June 11th that shows she was just skin and bones. The poor puppies nursed for 45 minutes to and hour to get enough but she was so diligent with them and so upset every time I took them out of the box. I just did not have the heart to take them away. The next picture was taken June 26. You can somewhat see that her bones are now covered over. She is still thin but gaining steadily. What a difference a few good meals make and look at that smile!


Jenna is a very special girl who has been through a lot, yet is one of the sweetest temperamented girls I have ever known. My impressions of her are that she is bright and will be outgoing and friendly. I know she has no problem with cats and has had no issues with my 12 year old niece helping out in the whelping box by moving puppies to a better position or just hanging out nearby.

The puppies were born June 9th and will be placed at 8 weeks (approximately July 28th). We are looking for homes that already have dogs, preferably Danes, to help with their training and socialization.







July 29, 2008 - updated puppy photos

August 5, 2008 - Miles (the boy puppy) has been adopted.

September 9, 2008 - Updates

Mattie was adopted August 23
Juno was adopted August 30
Jenna was adopted September 6

Here is an update for Miles to go with his picture:
Miles is quite the socialite! He goes to dinner with us every Friday night at the Front Porch Restaurant and gets lots of attention from the people there. We absolutely adore him (even though we never sleep now) and Marlowe has actually become a better behaved Dane because of him.

October 14, 2008 update

Maya AKA Mattie is doing very well and growing like a weed. She is 42lbs now and has adjusted to us very well. She is spoiled and she knows it.  Potty training has been easy with her and she is learning commands very well. We love her and are so glad we adopted her. Thanks Tina

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Last Update:  November 2, 2008