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Libby & Lola





October 2, 2008 update

We've finally taken more pictures of the girls in their environment.  As you can clearly see, they have it made.  We are trained well and respond to their every need.  Libby has become known as the groaner as she makes frequent groans when she's at rest or sleeping.  Lola is "fatty" as she has really broadened out. Guess she isn't exercising enough or I'm feeding her too much.  In any case, Diane and I are trying to correct these with smaller portions and more walks.  Bailey has become the pack leader when girls are off the leash.  However, neither Lola or Libby have learned any of the commands we're trying to teach them, whereas Baily does them all.  Still, all is "work in progress".  Hope everything there is going well. Enjoy the pictures.

Best Wishes

Diane & Joe

Libby and Lola have been adopted and are living a life of leisure in Naples! Here is a letter we received about their progress from puppy mill to home companion.

Thought I'd give you an update on what's going on here these days. Everything is progressing nicely. Girls are much more at home these days. Often going for rides in the car with each trying to get Bailey to give up the front seat to one of them. She's not willing to do so all the time, but does so every once in a while. Bailey has not yet given up her Alpha title! A lot of the barking at every little noise has diminished significantly but not entirely. When one barks the other has to also...like team work. Kids are becoming more loving! Often seeking our attention and some petting. Libby seems to enjoy me more as Lola is to Diane. Not always exclusively but mostly. We are enjoying our lives with the gals and treat each moment with great pleasure. We talk of them to friends often pointing out eaches foibles. Will be taking some more pictures soon. We'll be sending them on to you to see if you notice improvement in their physical makeup. That’s it for now.

Every day is a great day...for the girls. Great food, fun in the sun and sleeping quarters anyone would envy. That about sums it up at this time. Car rides are routine and walks are less stressful for the owners as they are learning their proper place. Libby is the real lover but Lola not far behind. Bailey still maintains "kingpin" status as she can out-smart the others in any given situation....except one. She can't eat as much nor as fast as the other two. She manages to eat the good stuff in the mix but often leaves a bit of food for the others to steal. Last night left the bedroom door open to enjoy the temperature without AC. Kids went out once at about 2 AM doing their business then right back to bed without so much as a peep.....great improvement to say the least. Lola remains close to Diane as the other two are always at my side. When I leave to visit a neighbor all whine that they didn't get to go. In time this little hiccup will change. In the meantime the training never stops as the improvements in their behavior demonstrate. Until next time...best from Diane and I.

How they looked when they were rescued.

12. Libby. 114lbs 18 month old blue merle female.  Shy but appproaches.

13. Lola. 90lbs 14 month old Harlequin female.  Lick sores on front feet, skinny, some hair loss.  Shy, scared, does not approach.

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Last Update:  October 2, 2008