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Malcolm - Available Dane

Malcolm is a 14 month old black boy with natural ears.  His owners did not want him anymore. He had severe demodectic mange with almost no hair on his body.  Was red and raw and skinny when dropped off.  Very, very sweet boy.  Happy and loving.  

July 7, 2008 - some updated pics of Malcom from his foster mom!

is quite the swimmer!

loves to retrieve toys and sticks

here you can see him 'normal' doggy
paddle using his back legs

this is his 'lazy' doggie paddle where he walks
his back legs on the bottom of the pool

still loves to blow bubbles

getting better at LEAPING in the water instead
of just walking down the steps

here you can see his hair growing in quite nicely!
(he is wet so it looks thinner)

June 2008 - Malcolm is in foster care.  Here is what his foster mom says about him:

Ok, so rescue got a bunch of Danes and since they still have puppymill Danes... nowhere to put them!  So I offered to take another... Aunt 'Nita- I swear he won't eat me, he is SUCH a sweetheart!!!!! He has demodectic mange which isn't contagous, but doesn't look so great.  So far he has a big crush on Belle and is SUPER happy and loves to play play play.  He fell in the pool twice today, but that didn't stop him from trying to get in with me while I was swimming--he'd go as far as the second step!!!

checking out the backyard...

we'll call this "before" so when his hair starts to
grow back in we'll have a comparison!

he is always in a good mood!

handsome profile!

How could anyone be mean to that face?  Let alone not take him to the vet if he was sick?  He is SO lovey.  If I stand with my hands on my hips he'll put his head in the nook of my arm and just look up at me.  Standing with good posture, his head is a few inches shy of my shoulder.  When I sit on the couch, his eye level is higher than mine.  And still... I swear he won't eat me!!!  He is doing well joining the pack, ignoring Ike being protective over food, knows how to sit and goes in his crate no problem (very minor whining), is eating well, plays with toys nicely and I have high hopes for him!  The only time I've had to redirect him is when he tries to play with Belle too physically and she gets a 'deer in headlights' look when he paws at her and jumps around like a maniac... but she'll let him chase her around the yard and it is super awesome to see her playing!!!

Hope all is well with you,

Karen, Ike, Belle, & Malcolm

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Last Update:  July 7, 2008