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Adopted November 1999!

Annabelle is a 3 year old natural eared female. She has a white chest and white toes. Annabelle was an animal control seizure. She had been starved, beaten and one of her toes had been cut off. When I picked her up from animal control I did not recognize her as a Dane. She had almost no hair from malnutrition, and her eyes were swollen shut from being beaten.

Despite all this abuse, she is extremely loving, sweet, and gentle. Her favorite activity is lying on the couch and being petted. She has gained 45 pounds and is beautiful! Annabelle knows her name, come, sit, down, go to bed, go potty and no. She is fine with other dogs and cats. Annabelle would need a quiet home without children because of her terrible past.

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Last Update: November 13, 1999