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Application for Adoption

Please note that Great Dane Rescue of Tampa Bay, Inc. places dogs in Florida only.

In other areas, please go to our Great Dane Rescue Groups page to locate a Great Dane Rescue Group near you.

Please print out this form and type or print clearly



Email address:
Phone number (day):



neutered male or spayed female:



Do other adults live in your home?

If yes, how many and what ages?

Do any children live in your home?

If yes, how many and what ages?

Is any member of your household allergic to animals?
Will you be primarily responsible for the care of this dog?

If not, who will be?

Do you own any other dogs?

If yes, please complete:

[---------- Breed ----------] [-- Age ---] [----- Sex -----] [--- Neutered or Spayed? ---]




Do they live in your house?

Do any other pets live in your house?

If yes, what kind(s)?


Are you familiar with the health problems associated with Great Danes?
Will the dog live in your house / yard / garage / other (specify)
Do you have a fenced yard?

If yes, what type?

Fence height

Do you have a pool?

Fenced pool?

Do you live in a house / apartment / condo / other (specify)
Do you own / rent / other (specify)

If rent, are pets allowed?

Is someone usually at home during the day?

If not, where will the dog stay during the day?

For how long?

Do you plan to travel with this dog?

If not, where will the dog stay?

Are you a member of any dog clubs, SPCA, Humane Society, etc?

If yes, which?

If married, does your spouse approve of getting a dog?

Do other household members approve of getting a dog?

I do / do not - have any interest in any of the following: pet store, commercial breeding kennel, buying of dogs for resale.
I have / have not been convicted of cruelty to animals.
I am / am not - under suspension from any purebred dog association.


Phone Number:

To feed, vaccinate, license, and provide medical care, how much do you anticipate spending for this dog yearly? $
Why are you interested in adopting this dog?



I understand that dogs placed by Great Dane Rescue of Tampa Bay, Inc. have been acquired, fed and boarded, received medical care and inoculations, been spayed/neutered and been tested to be free of heartworms at the personal expense of the volunteers who comprise the rescue effort.
I understand that a $175 donation is required to adopt a rescued Great Dane.
I understand that this dog will not be used as a guard dog.
I understand that Great Dane Rescue of Tampa Bay, Inc. does not knowingly place a dog with an unsound temperament and cannot guarantee the temperament, behavior or future health of this dog due to unknown past history and possible abusive background. Because of this unknown background, it is impossible to predict how any dog will react to every situation without knowing its past history. It is strongly recommended that anyone exercise caution in introducing a new Dane to children and to any new situation.
I understand that a follow up home visit will be made within six months of adoption. If at any time during the life of this dog it is found that he/she is not being cared for, fed, kept indoors or in abusive conditions, THIS DOG WILL BE REMOVED FROM MY HOME.
I have answered all the above questions truthfully to the best of my knowledge and ability. I have read a copy of the adoption agreement, understand it and agree to abide by its terms should an animal be available for placement in my home. I understand that if, for any reason, I can no longer care for or keep this dog, I must return it directly to Great Dane Rescue of Tampa Bay, Inc. and I will sign all necessary papers for the surrender of the dog.
I hereby make application to Great Dane Rescue of Tampa Bay, Inc. to have my name added to the waiting list for the purpose of giving a dog a permanent home.
Signature of applicant:


Please MAIL application to:

Great Dane Rescue of Tampa Bay, Inc.
PO Box 7172
Tampa, FL 33673   (Please don't come to see us without an appointment.  Unexpected visitors upset the dogs.)

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