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Puppy Mull Rescue 8.

Saydee has been adopted and is doing great. Here is a letter and some pictures we received from her new family describing her progress from puppy mill to home companion.

April, 2008 - Things are amazing! At first she was obviously shy and wasn't really sure how to be a "dog", she wouldn't eat treats or play with toys, or lay on her bed... She wouldn't even eat peanut butter! Ha, anyways she has come into her own very fast! She now jumps on and off my couch as if it was made for her to do that! She chases her brothers around, She plays with some toys. Her nose goes crazy every time a treat is involved! She has opened up and is loving it!

We took our first mini vacation, I had to go to Atlanta for a few days and I wasn't sure if she was ready for doggie hotel yet so I brought her with me and she met her daddy and went to day care for a few hours and she was "the best girl"!

Anyway, here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy them!

God Bless


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Last Update:  April 16, 2008